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fredag den 25. april 2008

Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis (Deroplatys dessicata)

The Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis is a mysterious mantis species. The females of this species can get huge, yet they still are hard to spot out in the rainforest. Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantids hold true to their name. Not only do the legs resemble leaves and twigs, but the entire top of the body has the facade of a dead leaf! The dark underside of the mantis is also good for camouflage, if you look up, you will just see a leaf shadow. The Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis is master in its' micro-domain, quietly slaying its' unsuspecting insect prey. These mantids are generally placid, but they have a daunting threat display. The Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis rears back, with his head up high, and ready to strike. Like with cobras, the hooded head adds to the fearsome demeanor. The Malaysian Dead Leaf Mantis makes a cryptic pet for the insect keeper.

Range Malaysian rainforests.
Type Arboreal.
Diet Babies eat flightless fruit flies, pinhead crickets, and other small insects. Adults eat crickets, moths, flies, and other large insects.
Full Grown Size Females get up to 5.5 inches. Males get up to 3 inches.
Growth Fast speed.
Temperature 75 to 80° F.
Humidity Around 75%.
Temperament Docile and calm.
Housing For mantids, a screen cage is best, and is recommended more than any other enclosure. Babies can live in a small screen cage. Adults can live in a large screen cage. Height is more important than floor space.
Substrate 2 to 3 inches of peat moss, or potting soil.
Decor Branches, live plants, vines etc. make good climbing accessories. They also need these decorations to hang upside-down on a branch or a leaf for molting purposes. Moss can be added for floor cover.
Other Names Dead Leaf Mantis.

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